August 25, 2013

The off-leash dog park at Cherry Beach is a relatively new discovery for us, and it’s been refreshing to take our creatures there at odd hours now that I’m no longer tied to an office job.

One of the first things I checked off my to do list was to redesign business cards for both Jody’s real estate business and my photography business.  I’m a huge fan of Moo, which is an amazing printing company offering a wide range of design options for everything from business cards to personalized stickers:  www.moo.com .  The most amazing feature for photographers is the ability to upload an unlimited number of images for your package of business cards, right down to having every single card made with a unique image.  It’s like having a portfolio with you at all times, where you can choose the card that is most suitable to give the person you are speaking with!

Ever since they arrived, my new Moo cards have been in my pocket.  On one morning trip to Cherry Beach, we met several people there with highly photogenic dogs.  My brain instantly snaps into Stock Photographer Mode, thinking of possibilities for photo ops. I find it a difficult thing to approach strangers and offer my services, even when I’m suggesting a session free of charge in trade for a release.  I bit the bullet and approached a young woman with a beautiful chocolate lab puppy, and asked if she would consider letting me photograph her dog for my online portfolio.  She said yes, and took one of my cards.

To my surprise, she did send me an e-mail, and we easily arranged a shoot date back at Cherry Beach for one morning last week.  Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and I ended up at the park without her, but I made the most of the lovely light and took different photographs than originally intended.  Made lemonade, so to speak, and it was worth the trip.

Dog park at Cherry Beach, Toronto, ON

Dog park at Cherry Beach, Toronto, ON (c) Allyson Scott

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    Nice going and photos Ali – keep up the fantabulous work

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