Espresso Withdrawal

November 29, 2013

After trying eleventy billion coffee shops in the GTA, we found one close to home that in combination with a dog walk through Playter Estates became our daily ritual.

Not only does Broadview Espresso make a consistent cup of coffee, the offerings in their bakery case are plentiful and all equally delicious.  There are regulars who convene for a klatch in the Muskoka chairs outside, and there is just enough seating indoors to perch yourself in a corner and read something from their library nook.  No WiFi, so you are unlikely to find your personal space invaded by laptops on all sides.

An unfortunate dietary turn of events has outlawed caffeine, gluten, and enough other staple foods to make coffee house excursions inadvisable.  Best to enjoy one’s cup of herbal tea laced with bitterness at home.

I miss you, Broadview Espresso.


  1. Comment by @RealtorJody

    @RealtorJody Reply November 29, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    I miss you too, Broadview Espresso! The owner there knows how to pull a mean latte! Sigh

  2. Comment by Pam McDonnell

    Pam McDonnell Reply November 30, 2013 at 8:56 am

    “This too will pass” so hang in there – and reap the rewards when you can at last enjoy your latte and if by chance you find you can’t, then you will have replaced it with something just as enjoyable!!

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