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South Africa

Capetown International Airport

You know that feeling you get when you first land at a foreign airport, and realize with a sigh of deep satisfaction that your vacation has officially begun?  That feeling which gets multiplied by about ten as a Canadian when you’ve gone somewhere warm in winter? Well, multiply THAT feeling by about a thousand, and […]

Apartment view of False Bay and Glencairn, South Africa

  © Allyson Scott

London Calling

Luggage tag from Heathrow to Cape Town

This luggage tag, promising the transit of my bag from Toronto-Heathrow-Cape Town, seemed laughably exotic and surreal, despite the many months of planning.  Were we really going to do this? Our last air travel experience had not gone smoothly…in truth it would have tested the mettle of any seasoned flyer.  A brief Caribbean vacation in […]